When you buy a home, you naturally want certainty about the value of the house. The bank also requires an objective and reliable valuation report. A valuation report is required not only when providing a mortgage, but also when refinancing the current mortgage, revising the interest-free period or divorce.

In an appraisal, we go through all aspects that affect the value, from the architectural condition to the leasehold. We then prepare a reliable and realistic valuation report that has been validated by the NWWI.

Fast and professional

It usually takes a few weeks to prepare an official valuation report. But not at Aemestelle. Within a few days we deliver a professional valuation report that has been validated by the NWWI.

The quality of our valuation reports and the speed with which we work have not gone unnoticed. In addition to private individuals, professional parties, such as banks and mortgage institutions, also come to us for valuations.

NWWI certified

Aemestelle supplies reports validated by the NWWI. The NWWI (Netherlands Housing Value Institute) is the largest validation institute in the Netherlands and only works with appraisers who meet strict quality requirements.

As a certified broker, we are also registered with the Stichting VastgoedCert, which means that we are authorized to perform official valuations.

Expert and independent

Our many years of experience and expertise guarantee a valuation report that you can rely on. You can also engage us for a second opinion. If you are in doubt and are looking for that extra bit of security, an independent valuation is great.

Do you want to know quickly what a house is really worth? Call or email us now for more information, or fill in the form for an appointment.