Own home is valuable. It is not only about the financial part, but mainly because it offers security. You are looking for a home that meets your wishes, a home in a suitable location that suits you in an environment where you feel comfortable!

You are always welcome for an introductory meeting, even without an appointment. You can then meet us without any obligation; personal contact is the basis for all our activities.

Via the NVM computer network, we are always adequately informed of the very latest housing offer. Quick information about the current offer increases the chance of success! The presence of your own broker during the viewings also guarantees a professional and objective assessment of the property. Any architectural or legal hooks and eyes are immediately mapped out.

Our support can be done via a so-called "full service search" or if you would like to consist of only part of the purchase process. Both are based on the “no cure no pay” principle, ie you only owe us commission when you have bought and taken ownership of the house. Even after that, our role as a guide will not be finished yet, because even after you have put your final signature, we will remain your broker and you can always contact us with all your questions. We can also help you find a contractor, interior specialist or other professionals.

A lot comes over you when you want to buy a house or apartment. Especially in Amsterdam. Because the Amsterdam housing market is hectic and complex.

Aemestelle is on all fronts when you want to buy a house. We know the Amsterdam housing market like no other. We do everything we can to find your ideal home.

When you are going to view a house, it is important to have an expert with you who takes the emotion out of the house. Aemestelle gives objective and honest advice about the home and takes a critical look at the details.

We keep a cool head when negotiating and making an offer. And when the deal is done, you can count on us to get the very best deal for you. Together with you, we have only one goal: to purchase your dream home as cheaply as possible and on the best conditions.

Aemestelle makes it fun to go house hunting. Together we will ensure that you move to the house of your dreams with peace of mind.

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You can of course go house hunting yourself and buy a home on your own. But it is an important decision and large amounts. Before you know it, you are paying too much.

Or maybe you are so delighted with a house that you hardly notice any defects. An independent advice from the expert is therefore not an unnecessary luxury.

A good broker protects you from hasty decisions and pays for itself.


Aemestelle knows the turbulent Amsterdam housing market through and through. But in order to be able to search specifically for your perfect home, we also want to get to know you well.

Because your ideal home is a combination of personal preferences. Of course you have all kinds of practical wishes, such as the number of rooms, a garden or a favorite neighborhood. But you are also looking for a feeling, a certain atmosphere in your new home.

That is why we listen carefully to your story and then map out your housing requirements. As soon as we have a clear idea of ​​what your dream home must meet, we will get to work.

We continuously scan all regular channels, such as Funda and NVM. But we also use our extensive network. For example, we are the first to be informed when a house comes up for sale. And if that house matches your wishes, we will contact you immediately.

Do you already have a dream home in mind? Take Aemestelle real estate agents on a trial to view the house.

Call or email us quickly for an introduction!


If you are enthusiastic about a house, we will view it together. We pay particular attention to any defects and legal aspects. We give our advice on the quality and a realistic purchase price of the home. Fair and straightforward.


If you feel good about buying the house, you want to make sure that you are not faced with additional costs. Aemestelle conducts a thorough home investigation and prevents you from having nasty surprises afterwards.

We check everything that could affect your future home, such as:

  • Are there no (hidden) defects?
  • What is the structural condition of the house?
  • What about the foundation and the roof?
  • Is the soil not polluted?
  • What about the VvE, leasehold, permits, zoning plans?
  • You can research it all yourself. But if you really want to be sure, ask Aemestelle to assist you.


If no incriminating information emerges from the investigation, we will make an initial bid in consultation with you. Then the negotiation begins, one of Aemestelle's specialties. It's a game we love and are really good at. Aemestelle negotiates the best deal for you. Just ask all those satisfied customers.


Once the offer is accepted, Aemestelle will ensure that all formalities are handled carefully and the purchase contract is drawn up. We check the deed of sale and go through it with you. We are present at the inspection of the house on the transport date and supervise the administrative settlement and the official transfer of ownership at the notary.

Purchase support is a total package with us that continues until after the delivery and transfer of the house key. Do you still need help or advice after the purchase, for example if there are hidden defects? We are there for you and are happy to help you, of course at no extra cost.


We do not charge for the intake, looking for houses, advice and any home viewings. You only pay us when the purchase is complete.